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Special projects: events using actors

There are many ways that you can use actors effectively in business to transform events, training and personal development programmes.

Bespoke networking events

It’s hard to create events that are memorable and ‘stand-out’ against what others are providing, without them being venue driven and extremely costly.  One of the ways you can create bespoke events that are not only entertaining and ‘sell’ what you do is by using professional actors and working with a scriptwriter.

Case study

Client Event and mini-series for BDO LLP

I worked with Dawn Register, partner at BDO LLP, to create an entertaining client event demonstrating the benefits of using Mediation to resolve disputes with HMRC.  The event was so successful that it led to the creation of a ‘mini-series’ hosted by AccountingWEB.  Dawn and I worked very closely to devise the scripts both for the initial event and then for film purposes, creating a documentary style ‘behind closed doors’ experience.  I provided the actors, recommended a film production company and acted as overall producer.

Personal development programmes

Using role-play as part of personal development programmes gives candidates a chance to see how they react to challenging client or internal scenarios in a safe environment.   Using professional actors makes the role-plays feel ‘real’ and therefore you’ll get a clearer picture of how people are likely to respond when pushed out of their ‘comfort zones’, to identify both their strengths as well as on-going development needs.

Case Study

Personal Development programme for BDO Consulting and Sucden Financial

I worked with BDO Consulting to provide role-players for a client development programme. We created ‘real life’ scenarios that would test and challenge some of the client’s senior team around their people skills, ability to work under pressure, their teamwork as well as individual strengths.  They fed back that working with professional actors over the 3 days had been an extraordinary experience and had really accelerated their development.

Forum Theatre

Forum theatre events are a very effective ways of giving clients the opportunity to explore and confront challenging situations in a safe and entertaining way, using actors to play out scenarios. This allows candidates to have a voice, redirect scenes and feel an integral part of the process without having to do the acting themselves.

Case study

Forum Theatre Event and Training DVD for NHS Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

Kate Milton, Senior Equality and Human Rights Manager, approached me to write a script and provide actors for a workshop on how religion and belief affects a patient’s care, as part of their Equality and Diversity Conference. Kate wanted a forum theatre event that would challenge perceptions, personalise the issues and really get people involved and talking. After extensive research I wrote three short scenes that followed the developing relationship between a nurse and a patient, helping the audience see both sides of the story and empathise with both characters. The scenes were interactive allowing the delegates to talk to the characters, challenge their behaviour and redirect them.

Anstey Thomas