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Media training

Relax on camera and engage your audience

Being able to relax with a camera stuck in your face is very difficult.  It’s hard to ‘be yourself’, engage with an audience that you can’t see, be succinct and get your messages across without feeling wooden and awkward, which then get’s magnified by the camera.  As every business becomes more media focused and wants to use video for multiple purposes, helping people feel confident when being filmed is essential.

Most media training is quite pressured and focuses on learning the ‘tools’ of the trade e.g. being answer led not question led, using linking phrases to tie into your key messages etc.  Clearly being given the ‘tool’s is vital however ‘how’ you apply them and ‘own’ them is key.  We’re very savvy to media training techniques and stop listening when we don’t believe someone or feel they lack authenticity.

Media training coaching is about helping you relax and ‘be yourself’ on camera.  You’ll have plenty of time to learn and then put into practice the ‘tools’ and techniques that are needed, but most importantly time to help you make choices about what works best for you, reflects your style and will engage your audience.

Benefits of media training coaching for you:

  • Time to get used to being on camera and to relax
  • Techniques and tools for answering questions and getting your message across
  • Practice in a safe environment where you can feedback on your own performance
  • An understanding of how to connect with the audience beyond the camera
  • Greater awareness of adapting tone and body language
  • Confidence to be yourself and ‘own’ the experience

Benefits of media training coaching for the business:

  • Staff who are confident on camera and come across as authentic and credible
  • More effective and engaging videos for multiple purposes
  • Far more polished and professional videos
  • Staff who are savvy to use of media across mediums
  • Cost effective training which can be done in-house and 1:1

Anstey Thomas