Anstey Thomas

Executive Coach & Mentor

  • Leadership Development
  • Presence/Personal Impact
  • Effective communication
  • Presenting/Pitching skills

Engaging your audience

Advanced Presentation skills workshop/master-class

We expect our leaders to be able to ‘hold an audience’ and present with confidence and ease.  It’s incredibly powerful to watch someone presenting ‘unprompted’, who can connect with us on an emotional as well as intellectual level, challenge our perspective, understanding or thinking while maintaining our interest and making us want to listen to them, especially when we don’t agree with everything they’re saying!

My advanced presentation skills course gives experienced presenters the chance to take their work to a very sophisticated, dynamic and engaging level.  As a candidate you’ll be filmed, receive detailed feedback and 1:1 coaching geared specifically to your individual needs.  We’ll explore how you can emotionally engage with your material as well as the audience, develop a conversational style that appears effortless, know how to weave in narratives, examples or stories that will take your audience on a dynamic journey and keep them engaged and wanting to listen.

Case study

BDO LLP’s Head of L&D asked me to create an advanced presentation skills course or master-class for partner and director level which we called ‘Engaging your audience’.

The course moves people away from relying on PowerPoint or being scripted to developing a dynamic and conversational style, where they explore how to bring more emotion and passion into their presenting, learn how to incorporate great narratives and stories, while adapting their tone and body language to affect how the audience feels and reacts.

Course objectives:

The overall objective is to help you have a dynamic conversation with your audience:

  • Being conversational in style, talking ‘to’ not ‘at’ your audience
  • Engaging the audience with strong arguments
  • Connecting emotionally to what you’re saying
  • Understanding your style and how to change this when necessary
  • Presenting with confidence, clarity and conviction
  • Adapting your tone and body language
  • Presenting without “death by PowerPoint”
  • Engaging your audience ‘beyond the camera’

Anstey Thomas