Anstey Thomas

Executive Coach & Mentor

  • Leadership Development
  • Presence/Personal Impact
  • Effective communication
  • Presenting/Pitching skills

Personal impact coaching

To progress you need a strong impact and powerful presence

Most people don’t really know how they impact on others or how far their influence extends until it affects their career progression.  They may have an idea of how they come across and what other people experience of them but it’s not necessarily a true reflection.

As you progress, what people need from you and expect to see in you changes and once you’re in a leadership position expectations shift dramatically.  You may have focused on developing your technical skills and receive feedback that you lack impact and presence both internally and externally.  You may be very successful at winning work, networking and impressing clients but receive upward feedback that suggests you’re difficult and challenging to work with.  As a leader working towards becoming a positive, dynamic, empowering and credible presence is key, whatever situation you’re in.

Personal impact coaching works at many levels and will be geared towards your specific needs.  Developing greater self-awareness and awareness of others underpins all the work, without this you’re walking ‘blind’ into situations. Ultimately the aim of the coaching is to help you develop a strong and positive initial and lasting impact in all areas of your career.

Benefits of personal impact coaching for you:

  • Greater awareness of ‘who we meet’ when you walk into any situation
  • Stronger initial impact when meeting clients, in pitches, networking events etc
  • Stronger presence in both client and internal meetings
  • Ability to adapt communication style for different audiences
  • Ability to adapt tone and body language for different purposes
  • Confidence to be bolder and deliver your view with clarity and conviction
  • Awareness of work style and how to flex this when needed

Benefits for the business:

  • Self-aware leaders and team members
  • Leaders who understand how to have a strong initial impact with clients
  • More confident and articulate staff
  • Positive and impactful leaders and ‘role-models’
  • Staff who can adapt their style to different audiences
  • People who are conscious of the power of tone and body language

Anstey Thomas