Anstey Thomas

Executive Coach & Mentor

  • Leadership Development
  • Presence/Personal Impact
  • Effective communication
  • Presenting/Pitching skills

Effective communication

Good communication is at the centre of everything you do…

We are drawn to people who have good communication skills.  Communication underpins everything we do and it’s becoming more nuanced, complex and multi-layered.  Everyone has to find ways to communicate and stand out within an increasingly ‘noisy’ world. Our ability to adapt and flex our communication style for different audiences and via different means is becoming more and more important.

Effective communication coaching helps you take a step back and look at how you communicate and interact with people. We’ll explore how you can adapt your style to communicate with greater purpose, clarity and passion for different audiences and within different mediums, without losing your ‘authentic voice’. We’ll also spend time developing awareness of the power of tone and body language and how to project greater confidence, ease and openness. The coaching will help you stand out and cut through the ‘noise’, ultimately transforming how you engage people day to day both professionally and personally.

Benefits of effective communication coaching for you:

  • Greater confidence and presence in meetings, bid situations and interviews
  • Being more concise, articulate, fluid and assertive
  • Being able to adapt communication style for different situations
  • Greater awareness of the power of tone and body language
  • Becoming a more nuanced negotiator

Benefits of effective communication coaching for the business:

  • Articulate, concise and assertive leaders
  • Good communication amongst staff
  • Positive, open and transparent working cultures
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Stronger relationships internally and externally
  • Successful pitches, client meetings, negotiations etc

Anstey Thomas