Anstey Thomas

Executive Coach & Mentor

  • Leadership Development
  • Presence/Personal Impact
  • Effective communication
  • Presenting/Pitching skills


When creating or providing bespoke training, I work in partnership with HR and training departments to devise work that reflects their specific client needs, values and culture.   Several courses are transferrable and work in any industry or sector, for example ‘Presentation Skills’ or ‘Having Greater Influence and Impact’, so we don’t need to start from scratch every time and this makes it more cost effective.

I’ve run training programmes in the USA, Australia, UAE, Indonesia and the Netherlands, adapting the work to be sensitive to cultural differences, the specific needs of the candidates involved and the particular leadership challenges that they face.

Anstey was a very dynamic and interesting trainer. The course was very enjoyable and provided perspective on how people relate to each other, outlining the skills we can use to make the most of conversations and meetings to have more impact and influence. Very helpful!

Candidate feedback ‘Having Greater Influence and Impact’

Despite having done leadership courses before with other employers I found this course to be extremely useful. It provided a different perspective that revealed new aspects to leadership, which I could take on and use in both my personal and my professional life.

Candidate feedback ‘Fundamentals of Leadership’

Anstey Thomas