Anstey Thomas

Executive Coach & Mentor

  • Leadership Development
  • Presence/Personal Impact
  • Effective communication
  • Presenting/Pitching skills

Executive coaching

Transform your performance and unlock your potential

Executive coaching helps you look at your current situation, role or career and identify what you want to achieve in future, what’s stopping you from achieving it and what you can do to make it happen.  It can transform someone’s performance by encouraging them to develop greater self awareness and a broader more strategic perspective, to be brave and bold in how they deal with day to day challenges, to gain clarity on their situation and identify where they’d like ‘to be’ and move towards that, to make better decisions and come up with solutions that they ‘own’ and drive.

As an executive coach I don’t tell you what to do but help you transform your own performance and fulfil your potential in a way that works for you and supports the broader business need, will progress your career and lead to greater personal fulfilment.

Benefits of executive coaching for you:

  • Greater self-awareness and enhanced interpersonal skills
  • Improved communication and relationship building
  • Confidence and self-belief
  • Breathing space and time to reflect
  • Raised motivation and drive
  • Clear goals and an understanding of ‘where you want your career to be’
  • Improved problem solving, outcomes and solutions focus
  • Strategic perspective and stepping back to see the ‘bigger picture’
  • Support during transitional periods
  • Challenge when needed (to make sure you’re taking the right course of action)
  • Renewed energy to make the changes happen
  • Transformational change that you ‘own’

Benefits of executive coaching for the business:

  • Enhanced individual and business performance
  • Retention of high performing staff
  • Motivated and driven individuals and teams
  • Improved morale
  • Better client relationships
  • Career development and succession planning
  • Creating a culture of empowerment, ownership and personal development

Anstey Thomas