Anstey Thomas

Executive Coach & Mentor

  • Leadership Development
  • Presence/Personal Impact
  • Effective communication
  • Presenting/Pitching skills

Developing a stronger presence

We are drawn to leader’s who have a strong ‘signature presence’

Presence is hard to define or measure. We know when someone has ‘it’ even when they’re sitting quietly in the background.  We also notice when someone doesn’t have presence – they’re easy to ignore and overlook.

Some people have an authentic and quiet presence often described as ‘weight’ or ‘gravitas’, which comes from their experience, specialism and longevity of career. ‘Signature presence’ is more dynamic.   Someone who has ‘signature presence’ brings energy into situations and draws us to them via their charisma, self-confidence, good communication and interpersonal skills.  They tend to be relaxed, are good listeners, are interested in other people’s perspectives and appear comfortable within their own skin.  Developing your ‘signature presence’ therefore is key to being an influential and motivational leader.

Signature presence coaching is about helping you develop greater confidence and self-belief hand in hand with improving your communication and interpersonal skills.   Having a strong ‘signature presence’ will help you stand out and be noticed, be listened to and have greater influence and impact. It will also lead to your finding a naturalness and relaxation in every situation, while being able to adapt to the circumstances and people involved without losing ‘you’.

Benefits of developing presence for you:

  • Greater self-awareness, confidence and self-belief
  • Feeling more relaxed, centred and comfortable within your own skin
  • Bringing ‘you’ into every situation
  • Improved communication and interpersonal skills
  • Greater energy and dynamic
  • Awareness of the power of tone and body language
  • Stronger presence and impact in every situation

Benefits of developing presence for the business:

  • More engaging, authentic and credible leaders
  • Confident and articulate staff
  • Leaders who command attention and stand out
  • Strong communicators and relationship builders
  • Stronger impact and presence when winning work
  • Increased profile and presence in the market

Anstey Thomas