Anstey Thomas

Executive Coach & Mentor

  • Leadership Development
  • Presence/Personal Impact
  • Effective communication
  • Presenting/Pitching skills

Having greater influence and impact

There will come a point in everyone’s career when having greater influence and impact becomes critical.  To progress to the next level or to be seen as having future leadership potential will largely depend on how we impact on others and how far our influence extends.  Most of us are unaware of our impact until it get’s raised in appraisals, via 360 or upward feedback and when it starts inhibiting our career progression.

Gaining greater self-awareness and an understanding of how you impact on others, both positively and at times negatively, is key to your success.  Without this knowledge you’re operating ‘blind’ and are more likely to come up against barriers.  My courses are designed to take you on a personal as well as professional journey, identifying your strengths as well as development needs, raising your self awareness as well as awareness of others, while gaining the confidence and ‘tools’ to start having a more positive influence and impact whatever situation you’re in.

Case study

I originally created a framework and materials to support my coaching work in Dubai, helping a leadership team develop greater impact and influence both internally and externally.  This work developed into a very adaptable one-day course, which has been used by BMT Group Ltd and BDO LLP for different purposes and needs. The principles of having greater influence and impact remain the same regardless of whatever sector or industry you’re in, so the course can be used in any environment, for any level, it can be shortened, lengthened or just kept as is!

Course objectives:

To develop greater influence and impact by understanding:

  • What influences you and therefore how you try to influence others
  • What influences others by ‘stepping into their shoes’ and trying to ‘think client’
  • How to adapt strategy and style for different ‘audiences’
  • How to adapt tone and body language to have a stronger and more engaging impact
  • How to deliver your view/argument with greater energy, clarity and conviction

Anstey Thomas