Anstey Thomas

Executive Coach & Mentor

  • Leadership Development
  • Presence/Personal Impact
  • Effective communication
  • Presenting/Pitching skills

Relationship/rapport building

Every company relies on relationships and the strength of these to sustain and grow the business and their profits.  Having strong and trusting relationships underpins the success of any company and yet so often there is a lack of focus on relationship building and developing networks until people are quite advanced in their careers.  There will be a point at manager or director level when ‘people skills’ really come to the fore, whether it’s about managing and leading teams effectively, winning or bringing in new work, developing a powerful network, raising their profile internally and externally or just creating a culture that is good to work in.

Relationship building training is quite rare and yet is so important.  Being able to listen effectively, empathise with others, see things from another person’s perspective, know how to engage and inspire people is key to good leadership, however it’s often neglected.  I’ve worked with two clients to create and provide relationship building training, to help their senior leaders become very skilled in how they engage, build and sustain powerful relationships both internally and externally.

Case Study

I created a one-day ‘relationship building’ workshop for haysmacintyre.  This course was for partner, director and senior manager level and took the candidates on a challenging journey from building stronger and more trusting internal relationships through to engaging people with greater presence and impact whether meeting people for the first time, in client meetings, when pitching and/or presenting.

Course objectives:

  • Develop and improve how you engage and build relationships/rapport with both clients and colleagues
  • Enhance your performance in meetings and pitches by taking a relationship building approach, covering both your preparation and delivery

Anstey Thomas